Carroll Moon

I started with Microsoft in the field–working directly with customers on Service Management.

For the last 10 years, I have focused on the Service Management technology for Office 365–both internal and external.

Now as Service Management Architect, I have moved closer to Microsoft’s customers to ensure that they are able to seamlessly consume services from Microsoft better, easier, and more cost effectively than they did on-premise.

• I was with Microsoft’s “Software as a Service for Enterprise” since it was founded as “Microsoft Managed Solutions (MMS)” in 2004 through June of 2014. I owned the strategy for Service Management the entire time.
• I have been a recognized leader in technical operations thought leadership and innovation at Microsoft for the past 14 years. I have achieved ten Microsoft Patent Awards for US Patents and US Patents-Pending during that time.
• I have gained priceless experience with a great many of Microsoft’s largest, most complex, and most diverse enterprise customers. I have worked with customers in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America, and I have worked with customers across a broad spectrum of industries. I have worked with these customers both as a consultant (helping them run their services more effectively) and as a SaaS provider (helping them integrate their on-premise operations with the cloud services)
• I have a history of success in high profile, high pressure situations, and I thrive on challenging opportunities. My passion is solving problems.
• I have been privileged to work in the industry as a Microsoft customer, and while at Microsoft, I have worked in Microsoft Premier Support, Microsoft Consulting Services, Microsoft IT, and Microsoft Online within both the Server and Tools Business (STB) and Microsoft Office. I have had an opportunity to partner closely with most Microsoft product groups including consumer services like XBOX.