Get Paid for Exercising.
Mine with your body!

Decentralized EOS Proof of Exercise token with innovative mobile app that allows you to mine GYM cryptocurrency with your body.

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Coming Soon... The Band. The World’s 1st Sports Band with integrated Hardware Wallet!

The Band

An EOS based Token with Proof of Exercise.

Mine with your body!

Everything you need to start making GYM Rewards!

Your Willpower!

Get Ready to exercise! The GYM Rewards app requires you to exercise to earn your cryptocurrency. Your heart rate and calories burn are essential for mining GYM.

GYM Rewards Mobile App

The GYM Rewards Mining App uses POW (Proof of Work) to send your shares to the Blockchain and return your earnings per block.

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

A Bluetooth LE heart rate monitor is required to get your efforts into the mobile app. Any standard bluetooth low power device will do.


Track your heart rate, calories burned and GYM Rewards mined while you exercise.

Mining Power Boost

Boost your mining power by up to 20% with our in App mining boost options.


Send your GYM Reward tokens to your EOS wallet and trade at a participating exchanges.


keep track of your exercises and learn the most profitables and effective.